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AP Review: Carey Mulligan radiates in `An Education'

Associated Press gave An Education a glowing review and 4 stars out of 4!

Here's part of the review...

LOS ANGELES - Sixteen-year-old Jenny learns the ways of the world in the coming-of-age drama "An Education," but there's a revelation in store for us, as well. We get the pleasure of meeting an exciting young actress who surely deserves to become a star.

Carey Mulligan is radiant as a suburban teenager in 1961 London who is curious and clever beyond her years but still rather innocent and impressionable. Although she's a diligent student and dutiful daughter on track to study at Oxford, she sits alone in her bedroom at night longing to be adult enough to live in Paris on her own, basking in the culture. Mulligan maintains a beautifully believable balance of these contrasting forces, even as Jenny gets drawn from the sedate and boring life she knows into a glamorous new one.

Dominic Cooper and Rosamund Pike ideally round out David's clique as the wealthy, worldly Danny and his beautiful but vapid girlfriend, Helen. With the icy, blond looks of a Hitchcock femme fatale and a stylish wardrobe of gowns and furs, Helen may appear perfect but she's clueless when Jenny drops French phrases here and there in her speech, and their unlikely friendship provides "An Education" with some comic relief.

You may think you know where the film is going, but its ecstasy and heartbreak will stick with you afterward nonetheless. It's one of the year's best.

Rating: (out of four).

Read the AP's full review of An Education here!

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