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Pride & Prejudice Trivia (game)

P&P/Darcy Saga Fans, to continue with our fun activities here, here are more P&P '05 Trivia (game) for ya'll to play and see how well you know or remember each characters' lines from the movie. I'll post the answers (on the next trivia game). Be sure to have your speakers on to listen to the P&P soundtrack here as well while you try/play this game here. Enjoy and have fun!

Pride & Prejudice Trivia (Game)

Who Said This?

Match the following P&P characters with the following lines/quotes from the 2005 movie.

A. Elizabeth Bennet
B. Mr. Darcy
C. Jane Bennet
D. Mr. Bingley
E. Mary Bennet
F. Kitty Bennet
G. Lydia Bennet
H. Mr. Bennet
I. Mrs. Bennet
J. Mr. Wickham
K. Caroline Bingley
L. Mr. Collins
M. Charlotte Lucas
N. Lady Catherine
O. Mr. Gardiner
Mrs. Gardiner
Q. Georgiana Darcy
R. Mrs. Reynolds
S. Colonel Fitzwilliam

1. "Oh, shocking! How shall we punished him for such as speech?"

2. "Oh, take care my love, that savors strongly of bitterness."

3. "I knew she couldn't be so beautiful for nothing."

4. "First, I have to tell you that I have been an unmitigated and comprehensive ass."

"Does this young lady know Mr Darcy?"

"Oh, the glories of nature! What are men, compared to rocks and mountains?"

"So this is your opinion of me. Thank you for explaining it so fully."

"If I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient."

"Mary, the ribbons, the ribbons!"

"Did you drop yours on purpose, Lizzie?"

"Indeed! Indeed! A very agreeable alternative"

"She's going to take the veil"

"He told of his misfortunes and yet you treat him with sarcasm."

"I feel as if we are friends already!"

"Mr. Darcy is not as half and mighty as you sometimes."

"I dare say you will find him amiable."

17. "Even my piano stool belongs to Mr. Collins."

18. "And buckles. When It comes to buckles, I'm lost."

19. "That is all I know

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  1. These are my best guesses:

    1.K - Caroline Bingley
    3.I - Mrs. Bennet
    4.D - Mr. Bingley
    5.R - Mrs. Reynolds
    6.M - Charlotte Lucas
    7.B - Mr. Darcy
    10.F or G - I know it's either Kitty or Lydia
    14.Q - Georgiana Darcy
    17.E - Mary Bennet

  2. Hmm. toughie. I think I got them right...unless you're tricking us and using one person twice and one person not at all.

    1. K - Caroline Bingley
    2. P - Mrs. Gardiner
    3. I - Mrs. Bennet
    4. D - Bingley
    5. R - Mrs. Reynolds
    6. O - Mr. Gardiner (toughie, both Mary and Mr. G. said "what are men compared to rocks and mountains" but I can't remember which one said "oh the glories of nature" in front of it. I want to say it was Mary, but I think she said #17 and I can't think of what else Mr. G said.)
    7. B - Mr. Darcy
    8. N - Lady Catherine
    9. C - Jane
    10. F - Kitty
    11. L - Mr. Collins
    12. H - Mr. Bennet
    13. A - Lizzy
    14. Q - Georgiana
    15. G - Lydia
    16. M - Charlotte
    17. E - Mary (I'm sure it is her saying it, and not Lizzy as some seem to think. It looks like Mary's lips could be moving while Lizzy is smirking)
    18. J - Wickham

    I'm not entirely sure on some of these, esp Wickham and Charlotte

  3. when will we know the answers, btw?

  4. ignore my last comment. I can't read...or rather chose not to read where you said you'd post the answers next trivia.

  5. Hi, Shannon and Michelle. Thanks for stopping by and for taking/playing with the trivia game here. :)

    Michelle, yeah, I'll be posting the correct answers for this one on the next trivia game #2...soon. So, stay tune and keep checking here for more! ;)

  6. Yep, I've seen this movie too often! LOL! Great quiz. Thanks Jeane. :)

    A. 13 - Lizzy to Darcy about Wickham
    B. 7- Mr. Darcy to Lizzy during the first, failed proposal
    C. 9 - Jane
    D. 4- Mr. Bingley to Jane before he proposed
    E. 17 - Mary
    F. 10- Kitty referring to a handkerchief
    G. 15 - Lydia to Lizzy
    H. 12- Mr. Bennet - I love this line!
    I. 3 - Mrs. Bennet about Jane
    J. 18 - Mr. Wickham while flirting with Lizzy
    K. 1 - Caroline to Lizzy about Darcy
    L. 11- Mr. Collins to Mrs. Bennet about Lizzy instead of Jane
    M. 16 - Charlotte to Lizzy talking about Darcy
    N. 8 -Lady Catherine to the group referring to playing the piano
    O. 6 - Mr. Gardiner
    P. 2 - Mrs. Gardiner to Lizzy
    Q. 14 - Georgiana to Lizzy
    R. 5 - Mrs. Reynolds referring to Lizzy
    S. 19 - Col. Fitzwilliam to Lizzy about Darcy's "interference"

  7. hmmm, did you edit it after i did it? I don't remember the buckle quote or Col. Fitz. being in there...or am I just completely confused?

  8. More fun Yay!!!
    12.Not sure

    TSBO devotee

  9. Michelle - to answer your question, yes, I did edit this after you posted as I noticed that 1-2 answers doesn't match and I forgot to include Colonel Fitzwilliam on the characters as one of his quotes/lines from the movie was in the matching list. Also, Wickham was on there, but a quote from him was missing, lol. My bad. So, SORRY! I fixed it now though, but I forgot to post here to let you and everyone know as I was in hurry to edit it...I'm not at home right now...just noticed your post too. I'm out of town...and on and off my laptop...been busy, but I try to check here when I get a chance.

    Perhaps you should try this trivia game again...this time with all the right quotes and characters to match. :)

  10. lol, okay. It's good to know I'm not going crazy. haha. I might try it again sometime. thanks the answer! :)


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