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Keira Knightley, Rosamund Pike, and Carey Mulligan all featured in UK's Daily Mail column this week

The Uk's Daily Mail has 3 Bennet sisters (Elizabeth, Jane, and Kitty Bennet)/P&P '05 film stars (as well as director Joe Wright with his latest film The Soloist) featured all in the same column/article by Baz Bamigboye.

Check out what he had to say about each actresses, who are also very good friends in real-life after they've met and worked together in P&P '05 film. All 3 has worked with each other more than once (save for Keira and Ros)...after P&P movie, Carey and Rosamund co-stars in one of the much buzzed about film of 2009, An Education (see previous An Education related news and info here) and Keira and Carey are co-starring (and have already filmed NLMG...see previously posted on set pics of them here: On Set Photos: Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan on Never Let Me Go) in the 2010 thriller, Never Let Me Go. How interesting! P&P co-stars co-starring with each other post-P&P movie? To quote Jane Bennet, "Yes, a thousand times yes!" please! I love that...keeping it in the P&P family, hehe! (see previous related post here: More P&P '05 stars co-starring in other non-P&P films)

Now, Keira and Rosamund (as well as Keira and Talulah, Keira and Jena Malone and most especially Keira & Matthew Macfadyen.) should co-star together again in another future film project to complete the circle of co-starring with former P&P co-stars again, lol.

So, yeah, this was interesting info to post here 'cause they're all featured in the same column/article, so I thought I'd post all of them here a well.

First up...

With a little luck Keira Knightly will have sharpened up enough for My Fair Lady

Keira Knightley is sharpening her vowels, having just received the latest draft of Emma Thompson’s-script for the new version of the musical My Fair Lady.

Various studio executives connected to the re-make of the classic film, which starred Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison, have said that Keira, Anne Hathaway and Scarlett Johansson are the main possibilities to play Eliza Doolittle.

However, Cameron Mackintosh, one of the film’s main producers with Duncan Kenworthy, let it be known that there are two contenders and they happen to be Keira — and Scarlett.

Enter Rosamund, returning to tragedy

Rosamund Pike has moved swiftly to make a return to the stage.
During the late spring and early summer she played the title role in Madame de Sade opposite Judi Dench for the Donmar Theatre’s West End season, directed by Michael Grandage.
After Christmas the actress will go into rehearsals to play Ibsen’s tragic heroine Hedda Gabler, which Adrian Noble will direct at the Theatre Royal, Bath for two weeks in February.

Care for an well-earned Oscar,Carey?

Carey Mulligan finds it difficult to say ‘farewell’ after she has completed her work on a film, so perhaps it’s as well there’ll be a long goodbye for her latest picture An Education — one that will stretch all the way into the spring awards season.

In the movie, based on a poignant memoir by writer Lynn Barber, Carey plays Jenny, a Sixties schoolgirl who dates a dashing older man (Peter Sarsgaard).



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