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Keira Knightley co-stars as a fairy godmother in Rupert Friend's short film, The Suicide Brothers

co-stars as a fairy godmother to boyfriend and P&P co-star Rupert Friend's new short film debut, The Suicide Brothers.

Here are more pics and info. from UK's Daily Mail Online...

Rupert Friend, who has been dating Knightley for four years, co-wrote the film with friend Tom Mison and both have starring roles.

In the film two brothers named Bourbon and Barath (Friend and Mison) go out to the shed to kill themselves everyday at two o'clock.

They try a different method each time. But each day they fail, having overlooked the presence of their frustrated fairy godmother (Knightley).

Keira wears a bedraggled frayed dress and wings created by Oscar-winning Duchess designer Michael O'Connor.

The film also features Keira's older brother Caleb's soundscapes.

Also, pics of Keira as the fairy godmother (with Rupert as one of the brothers in one of them)...

[source: photo by Kate Friend/Working Title | Daily Mail Online]

and Keira & Rupert at the screening premiere of The Suicide Brothers

Keira Knightley with Rupert Friend at the screening of The Continuing And Lamentable Saga Of The Suicide Brothers at the Soho Hotel in London, June 29th.

[source: Richard Young/Rex Features]

Speaking of The Suicide Brothers...

From Keira Web:

An extended version of The Suicide Brothers behind-the-scenes video has appeared, and there's some screencaps here.

Also, speaking of Keira and short film...

Keira in Cut, a short film for a domestic violence ad

She has filmed last April (with her frequent collaborator, P&P/Atonement/Chanel ad director Joe Wright who directed this as well) a shocking new domestic violence advertisement for women’s aid. The ad is quite violent and may not be suitable for younger viewers.

Here are small images of KK's Cut stills from Rex Features....

Check out more screen caps of Keira @ Keira Fan Gallery:

Womens Aid - Domestic Violence Ad 2009



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