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On TV Tonight: 'Women In Love' starring Rosamund Pike premieres tonight with Episode 1 on UK's BBC Four

Rosamund Pike as Gudrun Brangwen in Women In Love
For P&P/RP UK Fans, tonight on BBC Four, Women In Love premieres with...
Episode 1

1/2. Two sisters struggle with love, passion and commitment in the build up to World War One. See all 4 programmes coming up (including repeats).

Here are more promotional/production stills and magazine scans (with interviews and articles) of Rosamund Pike in the BBC Four new drama (part of their new Modern Love Season) Women In Love, which will premieres tonight (Thursday) on BBC Four at 9pm (Episode 1) and 31st (Episode 2) of March. Also, the BBC DVD's release date has been changed to April 11th!

Women In Love Stills 
featuring Rosamund Pike as Gudrun Brangwen
(Source: BBC Four | The Independent | Mirror.co.uk | Lorna Mitchell via  Rachael Stirling Online)
More Rosamund Pike stills here and here!

Read some Rosamund Pike/Women in Love Interviews and articles below...

Rosamund Pike & Rachael Stirling, Women In Love

Rosamund, tell us about Gudrun Brangwen…
Rosamund Pike:
She’s a lost little girl looking for an authentic identity. She’s passionate but not in a warm way like her sister Ursula, she’s rather ruthless. It’s not until the end that you realise how deeply she felt but was too scared to admit it.
Can you feel for her?
Rosamund Pike: Massively because you build such a rich internal life for a character and I’m baffled people don’t understand it on screen. I watched Women In Love with someone who said they hated Gudrun right up until the end when she made them cry. It felt like a bit of a rejection.
You’ve said there are lots of badly written roles for women…
Rosamund Pike: Yes, everyone knows the good roles and fights for them. There are so few of them that I’m actually going to start producing this year and I also want to write. However, I think women are probably partly responsible for it because, although they want to be given jobs, they are unwilling to behave like guys. I read an article the other day by a writer who said that of all the women she’d interviewed during her career, only one had admitted to being ambitious. They don’t want to be seen as that, it’s become a dirty word. Gudrun and Ursula in this film are contained by their time but they lived slightly outside the box. Ursula behaves towards sex a bit like a guy, she goes out and asks for what she wants and she gets gunned down for it. Men are disturbed by the fact that she seems to be enjoying it. Read full interview here (including her co-star Rachael Stirling)!

From UK's The Independent...

Fresh notes on a scandal: BBC4's adaptation of Women in Love has a distinctly female focus
Rosamund Pike is altogether more reticent about taking her clothes off for the camera. "I don't particularly find it liberating," she says. "I'm not really an exhibitionist at heart. I have no desire to give everybody everything, I really don't. Anyway, Gudrun is a great part and I knew that Miranda [Bowen, the director] wouldn't screw us over – I had great trust in her, she's a very cool girl." 

Pike was the actress who came "from nowhere" to play the Bond girl in Die Another Day (actually she came from Wadham College, Oxford, with a II:i degree in English, having won a scholarship from Iris Murdoch's old school in Bristol), before graduating to big screen roles in Pride and Prejudice (where she met her one-time fiancé, the director Joe Wright), and Hollywood movies opposite the likes of Anthony Hopkins and Bruce Willis. She has also proved her thespian mettle (as well as her willingness to perform naked if necessary) on stage in Terry Johnson's Royal Court production of Hitchcock Blonde, as the preacher's daughter in Tennessee Willliams' Summer and Smoke and, more recently as Hedda Gabler. 

"I had quite a lot of success at a young age, which was great, but I think people were quick to say, 'OK, well, that was very lucky,' when actually I think luck had nothing to do with it," she says. "I've been working towards this since I was tiny, although I wasn't a stage brat. People think you got a lucky break, but now I think I'm getting a bit of respect for the first time." 

It is deserved respect on the evidence of her beautifully restrained performance as Gudrun – less brittle than Glenda Jackson's Oscar-winning portrayal and more vulnerable. "I've always quite wanted to follow in Glenda Jackson's footsteps... I love her whole irreverence to the industry," says Pike in her disconcerting manner, in which sentences are left hanging, unfinished. It makes her seem vague, but you come to realise it's because she's still there, pondering her replies. Read Full Article.

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From Rachael Stirling Online...



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