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Rosamund Pike on being a Bond girl, playing a doctor in Doom, and more!

The UK's Daily Mail had this new interview/article about Rosamund Pike as she promotes the UK's October 30th nationwide release of her latest film An Education (with P&P co-star Carey Mulligan in the lead) this week...

As the poster girl for demure Englishness, Rosamund Pike has a reputation for haughty aloofness. It was while studying English Literature at Oxford that she began acting, in the BBC's A Rather English Marriage and Wives & Daughters.

In 2002, she landed the role of fencing champion Miranda Frost in Bond film Die Another Day. But instead of remaining on the big screen, she returned to the London stage where she bared all in Terry Johnson's Hitchcock Blonde. She has appeared with Johnny Depp in The Libertine, Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice, and demonic Martians in Doom. In An Education, out this month, based on Lynn Barber's memoir, she demonstrates her comic talents as a Sixties swinger. Now 30, Pike is currently single and lives in London

'I've always felt like a bit of an alien, as though I was beamed down from a planet outside of our galaxy.

As a child I'd spend most of my time in an imaginary world where I'd gallop around on imaginary horses. To this day, I feel like a complete oddity. When I'm engaged in normal human interaction I always feel as though I'm about to be found out.

Never dissect a corpse when you've got a hangover.
When researching for Doom, I spent a few days at a morgue in Prague. On the third day I was presented with my own cadaver and had to open it up. I had the world's worst hangover and the doctor who was assisting me was called away, so I was left alone with this male corpse on a slab. I called him George.

I've always had the feeling that I was born too late and missed out on the best fun. I'd love to have been a teenager in the early Sixties, when An Education is set, just when The Beatles were about to arrive. I'd also like to have been 16 when the rave generation started in the late Eighties.



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