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Another clip of Keira Knightley Singing From 'The Edge of Love'

There's another clip of Keira singing another song from her upcoming film, The Edge of Love.

In this scene in the second clip where Keira (in character as Vera Philips) sings, she was singing the song, "Maybe It's Because."

Check out the 2nd Clip of Keira singing via YouTube below:

[video clip source: AcademyAwardsGirl]

The first and previous clip that Keira was singing was the song called, "Blue Tahitian Moon."

Check out the video clip below, if you missed it in my previous post of it here.

Wow, listening to both clips, I must say, Keira Knightley sounds amazing for a non-professional singer esp. in the 2nd clip, "Maybe It's Because." Who would've thought she could sing? I certainly didn't know or think she could sing as I've never heard or seen her sing in all her other previous films. She sure has a very interesting and such a soothing voice. She has this old style of singing, which fits the movie very well. Great job, Keira! Can't wait to see this film now.

What do you all think of Keira's singing in her film, The Edge of Love? Post your thoughts and opinions here.

Speaking of TEOL, there are more clips released that you can view either via this You Tube account or here.

Also, a 2nd trailer for Keira's other film, The Duchess can be viewed here.


  1. Well said Jeane, and WOW, I was surprised! I also didn't know how it was gonna be, as I also never heard her sing, and she sounds fantastic.

    You're right Jeane from the clips, it does look like it fits the film, and Keira is also just gorgeous!

  2. Thanks, JW. I was surprised myself to hear that Keira could sing. What else can't Keira do? lol! Yeah, she sure sounded fantastic. She looked gorgeous on the clips too. Can't wait to see this film and her singing.


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