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P&P (2005) For Dummies: More Fans FAQ Answered

Continuing a series of articles here for our Frequently Asked Questions (aka P&P 2005 for Dummies) section answering at least most of your questions ...

The first 10 were already posted days ago. 5 More FAQ with Q&A are posted here.

READ on! All you ever wanted to know about the 2005 Oscar Nominated film, Pride & Prejudice (the cast, characters, and more!) ...

11. What were the title tracks from the soundtrack that were used in the sequences they appeared in the film?
Val_610 from IMDB listed the following:

- Dawn (opening credits)

- Meryton Town Hall, Can't Slow Down (the first ball)

- The last 20 seconds of Stars and Butterflies (as the camera moves to the window to show the moon as lizzie and jane are giggling about mr. bingley after the meryton assembly)

- The first 40 seconds of Arrival to Netherfield (Lizzie walks to Netherfield)

- the Militia Marches In (Regiment marches through Meryton)

- The second part of Arrival to Netherfield (Netherfield Ball)

- A Postcard to Henry Purcell (Lizzie and Darcy dance)

- Another Dance (Lizzie and Charlotte talk while everyone else dances)

- Stars and Butterflies (as Lizzie gathers her thoughts in the last shot at the Netherfield ball)

- Secret Life of Daydreams (Lizzie on swing, seasons changing montage, intro to her arrival at Hunsford)

- Dawn (played by Lizzie)

- The first 34 seconds of Darcy's Letter (Lizzie runs froms the church over the bridge to monument)

- Then the rest of Darcy's Letter (Darcy comes to see her)

- Liz On Top of The World (Lizzie in the Peak District)

- The Living Sculptures of Pemberley (When Lizzie was inside Darcy's home in Pemberley and staring at his bust)

- Dawn (played by Georgiana at Pemberly scene)

- Georgiana (Lizzie and the Gardiners come for a visit at Pemberly)

- The first minute of Your Hands Are Cold (returning home after receiving the news about Lydia)

- Georgiana (Darcy and Bingley near the pond)

-The remainder of Your Hands Are Cold (Lizzie on the little footbridge, Darcy's walk through the mist and finally, the 2nd proposal )

- Mrs. Darcy (first minute or so, Lizzie waiting for Mr. Bennet's consent. then the rest as we see Pemberley at night with Mr. and Mrs. Darcy! )

More analysis (posted by starsbutterflies of IMDB) of the musical cues related to the P&P soundtrack and movie can be viewed/read here.

12. In the dancing scene at the Netherfield Ball, Why were Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy surrounded by others while dancing, then in the next scene, the crowds disappeared and they were dancing alone. What was the significance of this?
It was mentioned in the dvd commentary by P&P director Joe Wright that It was originally a mistake. KK and MM were practicing the steps. But they liked the way it looked, so they put it into the movie.

Also, according to JW from his interview from Empire Online:
That was simply because the crowds were getting knackered! It wasn't part of the plan. But some of the best ideas happen when something is revealed to you on set in the moment and it all just comes alive, and that was one of those moments. The extras were all getting very tired and hot and we'd been shooting it for a long time, and it occurred to me that maybe we should do a take with only Lizzie and Darcy dancing, and it worked. It's a contentious moment – some people love that moment, some people don't at all.
13. Where can I find photos of the houses/location for this movie?
You can find and view them in this thread here ===> P&P Location Photos

14. Where can I find video links & clips to P&P' 05's on set Diaries?
You can find and view them in this thread here ===> Pride & Prejudice '05 Diaries (Video Clips links)

15. Where can I find behind the scenes photos for P&P '05 film?

You can find and view them here ===> Behind the Scenes Photos or here.

16. Where can I find some critics' reviews for P&P '05 film?
You can find and read them all here in this thread ===> P&P (2005) Movie Rave Reviews or most of them (good and some bad, but mostly good reviews as it's... [image] :P) here. ;)

17. Where can I find deleted scenes photos and info?
You can find, view (as well as read) some deleted scenes info. from this movie here ===> P&P 2005 Deleted scenes or starsbutterflies' Potential Deleted Scenes Images here.

18. What is Mr. Darcy's first name?
Fitzwilliam. It was his mother's maiden name.

19. What are the differences between Widescreen and Fullscreen frames for P&P DVDs?

Check out and view
starsbutterflie s ' screen caps comparisons here.

As well as read the explaination below from starsbutterflies:

From the above quickie screen captures, it would appear that neither the WS or the FS DVDs are really showing the whole of P&P 2005's original film negative as shot on camera! But interestingly enough, there are quite a few scenes where the WS DVD has actually cut off arguably important details or non-verbal visual cues imo (things which are shown on the FS version), for example the following bits are just not seen on the Widescreen:

a) Lizzie meeting Georgiana @ Pemberley - Darcy's flexing his twitchy left hand as he smiles warmly. Both Lizzie's and Georgiana's hands.
b) Lizzie @ Pemberley Statue Gallery - Lizzie playing with her fingers as she stares up at Darcy's bust (Lizzie plays with her hands a lot throughout the movie)
c) Jane with Kitty/Lydia on Longbourn stairs - Caroline's letter at the bottom of the frame.
d) Bingley's proposal - Bingley's right hand and most of his leg as he kneels...the embroidery work on the chair (the one Mrs. Bennet was pretending to be working on
e) First Proposal in the rain - Lizzie's left hand resting against the structure.
f) Second Proposal at sunrise - Lizzie's and Darcy's hands on each other's.
g) Netherfield Ball - Lizzie's hand on Darcy's and from her waist down. The candles above her and Darcy.
h) Bennets being introduced @ Meryton Assembly - The 2nd little boy who runs by (note that before Darcy has been introduced here, Lizzie's sort of checking him out while Jane has eyes only for Bingley... Oh, and even Lydia's looking in their direction in mid-dance!)
i) Lizzie on the swing - The bottom parts of Lizzie's coat and muddy hem of her dress.

20. Is it true Emma Thompson worked on the script?
Yes, she worked on the scene where Charlotte tells Lizzy she's engaged to Mr Collins, when Lizzy receives bad news by letter in the inn at Lambton and the Region 1/U.S. Mrs. Darcy ending scene with Lizzy and Darcy at Pemberley.

More will be posted here soon! Keep checking this topic for more in the upcoming blog entries!



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