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P&P (2005) For Dummies: More Fans FAQ Answered

Continuing a series of articles here for our Frequently Asked Questions (aka P&P 2005 for Dummies) section answering at least most of your questions ...

The first 20 were already posted a week ago. 5 More FAQ with Q&A are posted here.

READ on! All you ever wanted to know about the 2005 Oscar Nominated film, Pride & Prejudice (the cast, characters, and more!) ...

21. How old are Darcy & Lizzie?
Darcy is about 28 and Lizzie is 20 years old.

22. Was Joe Wright already into Keira Knightley playing Elizabeth Bennet before she was cast in this film?
Not exactly. Joe Wright was not initially keen on Keira Knightley playing Elizabeth, believing her to be too attractive. He changed his mind upon meeting her, deciding her tomboyish attitude would be perfect for the part.

23. Was the actress who played Georgiana Darcy really the one actually playing the piano in this film?
Yes, according to the director's commentary, Tamzin Merchant (Georgiana Darcy) did her own piano playing in the film.

24. Were the Pemberley scenes in the film shot in Chatsworth?
Yes, in fact, all the Pemberley sequences, including the statues room, was shot in Chatsworth, property of the Duke of Devonshire.

25. Were all the actors cast in this film British?
Yes, except for Jena Malone (Lydia Bennet) who is American and Donald Sutherland (Mr. Bennet) who is Canadian.

More will be posted here soon! Keep checking this topic for more in the upcoming blog entries!



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