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On DVD Today: Becoming Jane

Our wait is now over!

Becoming Jane
is now released in the U.S. and available to purchase on DVD and Blu-Ray today (Feb. 12, 2008)!

If you missed this movie last year, don't worry, that's what DVDs are for. So go buy or rent this movie if you haven't seen it. For those of us who have seen it. This movie was great. Anne Hathaway was brilliant as Jane Austen and does James McAvoy as her love interest, Tom Lefroy. The rest of the cast were equally brilliant as well.

Becoming Jane


"When 20-year-old Jane Austen (Anne Hathaway) meets up with the roguish Tom Lefroy (McAvoy), sparks begin to fly. Initially repelled by his arrogance, the emerging writer slowly realizes that she has finally found a man who appreciates her intellect as well as her beauty. As her parents (Julie Walters and James Cromwell) arrange a wealthy, aristocratic husband for her, Jane begins a clandestine romance with Lefroy. The young man proposes marriage, but his wealthy guardian, who holds his purse strings, disapproves of Jane’s outspoken manner and ambition to be a writer, and threatens to cut Tom off. In a world where marriage determines a woman’s fate, will they risk everything, including family and friends, for the sake of romance?"

Bonus DVD Features:

Discovering the Real Jane Austen - The best known author of her era, she continues to sell
books and inspire films almost two hundred years after her death, but what do we really know about
Jane Austen? Find out some surprising truths in this fascinating featurette.
Becoming Jane Pop-Up Facts & Footnotes - Interactive insights
Audio Commentary with director Julian Jarrold, writer Kevin Hood and producer Robert
Deleted Scenes

Available on DVD and Blu-Ray TODAY! Get your copy and own it today!



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